First Choice Defined Health Insurance Benefits

Victory Series Hospital Indemnity Plans

Guaranteed Issue & Guaranteed Renewable to Age 65*

*To receive Guaranteed Issue underwriting consideration, you may not have been previously declined by ManhattanLife Companies and the primary insured must be gainfully employed, and working an average of 27 hours per week or more at time of application. Some permanent exclusions apply.

    Pays in addition to all other insurance
    NO DEDUCTIBLES - FIRST DOLLAR BENEFITS / EASY claim filing & benefits may be assigned / Choices of benefit packages & premiums
    Use any provider OR use the available Multi-Plan PPO network to reduce medical costs!

    $9,900 in Hospital with Surgery over 3 days, no surgery; $19,800 over 6 days in Hospital
    $20,700 over 3 days, with surgery; $37,800 over 6 days in Hospital
    $23,700 over 3 days, with surgery from an Accident or Injury; $43,800 over 6 days in Hospital
    $29,700 in Hospital with Surgery and ICU over 6 days

Deluxe Plan Benefit Features include (***varies by plan chosen and state):
    Outpatient Sickness - $100 per day - Deluxe Plan; 4 Dr. Visits / Urgent Care per calendar year
    Diagnostic Procedure Rider - $500 per day - Deluxe Plan; 4 per year for X-rays, CT Scan, MRI, Labs, Testing, etc
    Emergency Accident - $500 per day - Deluxe Plan; up to 4 accidents per calendar year
    First Hospital Confinement - $15,000 over 6 days on Deluxe Plan for first hospitalization each calendar year
    Lump Sum Indemnity - $3,000 on first day of hospital confinement each year - Deluxe Plan
    Daily Hospital Room Benefit - $300 for each day in the hospital (max 365 days) - Deluxe Plan
    In-Patient Surgical Benefit*** $3,000 for each day in the Hospital - Deluxe Plan, up to 5 days max per confinement (no matter which day the surgery was performed while in the hospital - pays the benefit amount for each day confined in the hospital)
    • Out-Patient Surgical Benefit; covered surgeries performed in an Ambulatory Surgical Center are paid at 50% of the In-Patient Surgical Benefit & Anesthesia Benefits - $1,800 - Deluxe Plan
    Anesthesia - $600 for each day a surgical benefit is paid for In-Patient surgery - Deluxe Plan
    ICU - $3,000 for each day in ICU - Deluxe Plan

Plus Sponsored Benefits:
  • Teladoc / Telemedicine; 24/7 phone or web consultations for non-emergency medical issues - NO consultation fees, unlimited access to board certified physicians
    • Physicians may prescribe non-DEA controlled prescriptions when appropriate
    • Also available for covered children ages 0-17
  • Karis 360; helps save on out-of-pocket expenses, finding doctors, searching & comparing facilities, providers and prescription costs in addition to many other services
    • Navigator: expert advisor to address healthcare-related questions / concerns
    • Surgery Saver: members with non-emergency surgical needs seeking advice
    • Bill Negotiator: service to negotiate with healthcare providers to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, negotiating with providers to reduce medical bills

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    ManhattanLife First Choice Indemnity
    Victory Series
    Product available in the following states:

    AL, AZ, AR, CA, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MD, MI, MS, MO, NE, NV, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI


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